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Emerging Markets Like India Are Projecting Massive Growth Levels: Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain is a global provider of storage and information management services. Having worked with more than 230,000 customers across 53 countries, the 65 years old company fully started its function in India in 2016. It has from thereon seen multi-fold growth in the records management sector. Hi

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‘Our Aim Is To Be a Data Authority In The Hybrid Cloud’

BW CIO World met Deepak Visweswaraiah, Senior Vice President & Managing Director of NetApp India to discuss some of the innovations at its GCOE in Bengaluru. Deepak talks about his vision for the GCOE, which will one day become “world-class” and “second to none” as he puts it.

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Employees Regarded As Organisation's Greatest Asset, and One of Biggest Data Security Risks

What's keeping IT professionals awake at night? Data storage, data access and data sharing!

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