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GDPR is a regulation in Europe with teeth and has benefited the entire cycle of business transactions in the continent: Richard Hogg, Global GDPR Governance Evangelist, IBM

General Data Protection and Regulation act has taken effect in all the countries belonging to the European continent. Richard Hogg, Global GDPR Governance Evangelist, IBM discusses the importance of data protection and states that businesses find more benefit with containing lesser amounts of person

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Digital Disruption: A Corporate Jargon or The Key to Business Impact?

Every organization in the world is on a journey to become a digital company. The way we work, plan and live is undergoing a fundamental transformation. However, it appears that we are striving to run for the chase that we don’t even understand completely.

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How Visual Analytics Can Boost Asia’s Healthcare Immune System

Study confirms that utilization of business intelligence and analytics platforms results in better decision-making across all segments of a healthcare organization.

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