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AI And Chatbot Helps Provide Exceptional And Personalized Customer Experience: LogMeIn India

Rahul Sharma, Managing Director, LogMeIn India, in an interesting interaction with Sarabjeet Kaur from BW CIO, discusses the broader implications of the impact of Customer Experience (CX) on brands

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Putting AI back into Retail

The article explores the need to infuse Artificial Intelligence into the retail sector to optimize the marketing spend, improve the sourcing and fulfilment methods

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2018 Could Be The Year of Machine Learning

2018 could be the year when Machine Learning would provide businesses the key to customer satisfaction

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70 percent Chatbot Failure Rate for Facebook Shows Difficult Road Ahead for AIs in 2018

AI consultants Humanotics and service communications experts soh partner to create user-focused service solutions that deliver tangible RoI

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HDFC Bank’s EVA, India’s Largest Banking Chatbot, Works with Google Assistant

HDFC Bank’s EVA, which stands for Electronic Virtual Assistant, is a chatbot built by Senseforth

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7 Tenets for building a Digital Enterprise of future

In an exclusive for BW CIO, V S Parthasarathy Group CFO, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited writes about the components that make a digital enterprise.

Read More and HDFC Bank Create India's First AI Success Story

Orders processed by the AI bot grows 160 percent month-on-month

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Apollo Munich Takes Giant Technology Leap

Launches India’s first travel insurance chatbot – ‘Travel Ninja’

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Isobar Brings India’s First Integrated Video Chatbot technology for Maruti Suzuki Dzire

Innovative video banner with an in–built chatbot on select platforms will entertain users’ first level queries, thereby educating them about new model

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Tata Capital launches AI-based online chatbot

It will now answer all your online queries instantaneously

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