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Future Enterprise Cloud-enabled, Data-driven, and Edge-centric: Antonio Neri, HPE

Outlines a clear vision: building a platform for the intelligent edge

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GCR Transforming Business, the Digital Way: Amod Phadke, GCR

Enterprises can deliver custom applications to desired consumers in a very short span of time

Read More Digitally Connects Retail and SME Borrowers: Gaurav Gupta,

GST, demonetization persuaded SMEs toward better tax and reporting compliance

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Future Belongs to Intelligent Enterprise Apps: Veera Swamy Arava, SAT Infotech

Intelligent ERP will take over a lot of mundane tasks that the employees need to perform to get some data out of the ERP system

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Oracle Makes Sure To Get Your Organization Ready For The Future: Steve Cox

Steve Cox - Group Vice President, Oracle ERP And EPM Product Marketing, in an exclusive conversation with Sarabjeet Kaur, BW CIOWORLD explains how Oracle is using emerging technologies like IoT, blockchain, AI, and ML to enable software to do the jobs that humans have done before that don’t add valu

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Web Applications Are The Most Common Breach Targets: David Holmes, Principal Threat Research Evangelist, F5 Networks

David Holmes, Principal Threat Research Evangelist, F5 Networks in conversation with Sarabjeet Kaur, BW CIOWORLD, shares details about what they have been saying for years, “for modern organizations, their data is their business, and the gateway to that data is the application, and that’s where the

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To Transform Digitally, You Must Transform Your IT: David Webster, President, Dell EMC APJ - Enterprise Sales And Customer Operations

There is a connection between digital transformation and IT transformation. To enable a company to transform digitally, the underlying infrastructure must be transformed first

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Technology Is The Backbone Of Smart Cities: Yael Shatzky, Head of Product & Solution Marketing, Amdocs Optima & Intelligent Operations

Yael Shatzky, Head of Product and Solution Marketing, Amdocs Optima and Intelligent Operations, in an exclusive interaction with Sarabjeet Kaur, BW CIOWORLD speaks about the crucial and essential role of technology in building smarter and safer cities in India.

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Biz2credit Perfectly Positioned in middle of SMB Market: Rohit Arora

This foundation in the SME market is already allowing them to expand operations into new marketspace

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AI to Help Fill Gap to Rekindle Productivity and Growth: BS Teh, Seagate

To fully harness the opportunities presented by AI, India needs to come together and pursue a balanced approach to AI development

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