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Using Blockchain to Unearth next K-POP Superstar with Z-POP Dream Project

Z-POP Dream will be powered by hundreds of millions of K-POP music fans across the world

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Zeonlab Launches Verified On Chain

India’s first Blockchain-backed certification management service for academic institutions

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Vela Partners with CoinMarketCap to Include Cryptocurrencies in SuperFeed

Vela’s SuperFeed provides low-latency, normalized data without the need for any client infrastructure

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Public Blockchain Segment Dominates Global Market

Information can be easily retrieved through advanced analytical tools modified in blockchain databases

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Unocoin launches TrueUSD coin on Unodax exchange

Unocoin intends to facilitate secure and legal investments in crypto-assets. TrueUSD is the first asset token by TrustToken, with 1 TUSD redeemable for 1 USD

Read More introduces Custom Instant Exchange

CoinSwitch Custom Instant exchange is a white label solution which a website can use to set up an exchange on their website. The solution requires no coding knowledge, allowing the exchange to be set up in under 2 minutes.

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Tech Mahindra Collaborates with Government of Telangana to launch Blockchain District

The Blockchain District will be a Center of Excellence for Blockchain, an incubator for technology and process development with innovative infrastructure and facilities to foster the growth of Indian blockchain start-ups and companies

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CryptoCurrencyWire announces Blockchain Revolution Transforming Global Finance

Virtual Crypto is making this possible through crypto ATMs and tablet-based payment systems

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BlockClick: Click Fraud's Groundbreaking Worst Enemy

BlockClick offers a smart contract between the advertiser and the publisher

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Wipro becomes Energy Web Foundation Affiliate to Accelerate Blockchain Adoption in Energy Sector

EWF’s charter is to identify, document and assess the most promising use cases of blockchain technology in the energy sector

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