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Connected Vehicles: An Open Road for Hackers

With the current scenario of cybersecurity and fraud in India, connected cars have the potential of leaving you vulnerable too

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Ace Turtle Launches Industry's First AI Platform for Omni-channel Retail

Ace Turtle’s artificial intelligence platform, Albus, to accelerate insight-driven decision for brands

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Are We There Yet? – On The Road To Autonomous Operations

The slow shift towards autonomous driving shares much in common with another industry shift – the service provider shift towards autonomous, zero-touch operations

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Businesses must Embrace AI or Face Extinction

AI adoption is highest in the banking and financial services, automotive, technology and telecoms verticals

Read More Launches Builder: Software Development as Easy as Ordering Pizza

Human-assisted AI democratizes software development; making it faster, more accessible and less expensive

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AI Redefining Connectivity and New Cycle of Economic Growth

Growth in the countries across the GCI S-curve was uneven

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An AI Backed Talent Intelligence Platform Making A Difference In The Employment Industry:

Sarabjeet Kaur from BW CIO recently conversed with Kamal Ahluwalia, President at, on how the company is leveraging AI and machine learning for talent management. Kamal also narrates the tale of the inception of the organization. Excerpts:

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Automation Anywhere Opens Bot Store to Developers with the Addition of Cognitive IQ Bot Technology

Bot developers can now leverage built-in AI, machine learning and analytics capabilities to add cognitive bots to the world’s largest bot marketplace

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Dell makes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Real

Transformed companies are 18X more likely to make better and faster data-driven decisions than their competition

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Vistara Creates India’s first Robot Designed to Assist Customers at Airports

The robot can scan boarding passes and further provide information on the terminal

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