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Sangram Aglave brings a unique perspective on topics related to Enterprise IT Applications given his diverse professional experience in all functions of the Enterprise IT Applications business like Sales, Product & content marketing , Project management & Software product management. He is a ex-Oracle Business Analytics product manager and has worked at various silicon valley based product startups.

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The word “Automation” in Robotic Process Automation can cause confusion: Francios Lancon, SVP and Head Oracle JAPAC business

Artificial Intelligence use cases can be bucketed into two major categories i.e. Consumer IT and Enterprise IT. But what does AI mean in the Enterprise IT world? We hear a lot about Oracle’s latest autonomous database and thought of reaching out to Oracle to learn the full potential of Artificial Intelligence when applied to Enterprise IT. Oracle has a very significant presence in the global Enterprise IT market and is undergoing per Mark Hurd, Co-CEO, a “once in a life time” transition from on-premise to cloud software delivery model. It would be interesting to understand how Oracle adopts Artificial Intelligence and the road forward.

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Oracle APAC enables Blockchain based Loyalty system at Hana Financial Group

Oracle can be counted among the leading players in the Enterprise space to recognize the potential of new Consumer Internet technologies and has now made them available for the Enterprises through their cloud offerings

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Industry Associations have a unique opportunity to become data co-ops: Doug Laney, Distinguished Analyst, Gartner

Doug Laney is a Technology visionary and is famous for giving the world the three Vs of big data (Volume, Variety, Velocity) way back in 2001. The thought was clearly ahead of its time even before Facebook and Google came onto the global stage with their impressive scale out architectures embraced by Enterprise IT to drive their big data capabilities. Today Doug Laney is a VP and Distinguished Analyst with Gartner's Chief Data Officer Research team. Mr. Laney covers data strategy, Infonomics (the economics of information) for Gartner clients. He is on a mission to spread the message of Infonomics and to fasten its distribution has also authored a book titled “Infonomics”.

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Ability to control changes is key to avoiding unplanned outages

IT Outages means productivity and revenue loss and thus directly impact financial statements of the company. How can the IT team minimize outage incidents?

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Consumerization of IT will drive Enterprise Productivity

CIO role is transforming to become a definitive change agent delivering on revenue and productivity growth through consumerization of IT

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Are Legacy Networks Holding Back Cloud and Digital Transformation in India?


Next generation networks like SD-WAN are key to realizing the full potential of Organization’s Cloud and Digital strategy

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“Leadership is a Position to Take, not Receive”: Suresh Shan, MMFSL IT Head

It is important to understand others views and align yourself with them, and find common ground for success

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CIO and CDO role should be merged, says Hero MotoCorp IT Chief, Vijay Sethi

In the second part of the Interview, Sangram Aglave from BW CIO World caught up with Vijay Sethi, CIO, Hero MotoCorp to discuss contemporary Enterprise IT topics like the role of the CDO and his views on acquiring latest Enterprise IT technology from Silicon Valley startups.

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‘Close Enough is Not Good Enough in Case of Digital Experience’

BW CIO World interacted with Bjorn Engelhardt, SVP, APJ at Riverbed Technology to discuss modern Networking technologies and many factors that can affect the digital experience for the customers.

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Learning should be life-long says Hero MotoCorp IT Chief, Vijay Sethi

BW CIO World caught up with Vijay Sethi at his New Delhi office for an up close & personal conversation revolving around his life and work experience till date. Vijay shared his beliefs, life lessons and the importance of on-the-job continuous education, post-graduation, family support and hardwork, in achieving professional success in life.

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