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Sangram Aglave brings a unique perspective on topics related to Enterprise IT Applications given his diverse professional experience in all functions of the Enterprise IT Applications business like Sales, Product & content marketing , Project management & Software product management. He is a ex-Oracle Business Analytics product manager and has worked at various silicon valley based product startups.

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Crowdstrike Redefines Endpoint Security For Protection Against All Types Of Cyber Attacks

Sangram Aglave, Contributing Editor, Businessworld caught up with Mike Sentonas, Vice President, Technology Strategy at Crowdstrike to learn more about their Report and their strategy.

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Doing Digital Transformation At Scale Is The Growth Mantra For DXC Technology

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) always make big news in the technology world due to the impact they have on clients, partners, shareholders, and employees. Koushik Radhakrishnan from DXC Technology can be seen beaming with excitement as he prepares his Asia organization to pivot and place DXC Technology into a hyper-growth mode in the Asia region.

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Data Lakes enable a single source of truth but not necessarily a single version of truth says Doug Laney, Distinguished Analyst, Gartner

Doug Laney is a technology visionary and is famous for giving the world the ‘three Vs’ of big data (Volume, Variety, Velocity) way back in 2001. The thought was clearly ahead of its time even before Facebook and Google came onto the global stage with their impressive scale out architectures embraced by Enterprise IT to drive their big data capabilities.

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We achieved 100% data governance with Data lake and data cubes says Yes Bank IT Chief Anup Purohit

Sangram Aglave, Contributing Editor, BW Businessworld caught up with Anup Purohit, CIO, Yes Bank and Rajat Gupta who heads their BI & Analytics program at Cloudera Sessions Mumbai 2018 to learn about various data initiatives underway at the bank. Edited excerpts from the interview below

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Vendor co-opetition is bringing positive sum economics to Enterprise IT market

Cloudera Sessions 2018 Mumbai saw a gathering of Cloudera customers and partners from across India. The India leadership of some of the top Enterprise IT companies attending the event joined Sangram Aglave, Technology Editor, BW Businessworld in a panel discussion to discuss the nature of Enterprise IT vendor alliances and what it means to the customer.

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Opensource is what makes Bombay Stock Exchange the fastest exchange says BSE IT Chief Kersi Tavadia

Sangram Aglave, Contributing Editor, BW Businessworld caught up with Kersi Tavadia, CIO, Bombay Stock Exchange at Cloudera Sessions Mumbai 2018 to learn about his career spanning across three decades and his experience in taking Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) from proprietary to opensource.

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Data Centers have become Necessary Utility for Businesses to Function

Data centers are where all the basic sciences converge primarily the physics of the things around us

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Differentiation in the era of Technology is short lived says Sandeep Mohapatra, CIO, Axis Securities

Sangram Aglave, Contributing Editor, Businessworld caught up with Sandeep to understand how enterprises can leverage Contextual marketing to win customers for life.

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Digital Experience Initiatives Focus On Consistency And Uniformity

BW Businessworld in collaboration with Microsoft India met a few C-level executives in Bengaluru to gather evangelical and historical perspectives on the end outcomes for the customers and the employees

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The word “Automation” in Robotic Process Automation can cause confusion: Francios Lancon, SVP and Head Oracle JAPAC business

Artificial Intelligence use cases can be bucketed into two major categories i.e. Consumer IT and Enterprise IT. But what does AI mean in the Enterprise IT world? We hear a lot about Oracle’s latest autonomous database and thought of reaching out to Oracle to learn the full potential of Artificial Intelligence when applied to Enterprise IT. Oracle has a very significant presence in the global Enterprise IT market and is undergoing per Mark Hurd, Co-CEO, a “once in a life time” transition from on-premise to cloud software delivery model. It would be interesting to understand how Oracle adopts Artificial Intelligence and the road forward.

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