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How the Growing Analytics Base in India will Impact Billion Plus People

Some of the areas where big data will bring big benefits include financial inclusion, monitoring of publicly funded projects and transport system like Indian Railways, says big data expert Pulak Ghosh.

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Rail Budget 2016: Key Technology Initiatives

Drones and geospatial-based satellite technology to review progress of projects in real-time are among many other announcements made by railways minister Suresh Prabhu.

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'All Our Key Services Are Mobile Enabled,' Head, HDFC Digital Banking

We continuously examine and evaluate new technologies that can simplify banking for our customers and deliver improved convenience, says Nitin Chugh, HDFC Bank.

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Why OTT Will Take Time to Go Mainstream in India

For the growth of OTT in India, broadband infrastructure needs to be enhanced, only wireless infrastructure (3G/4G) will not drive the growth, says Udaynandan Reddy, Founder & CEO, YuppTV.

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Why and How this Indian Realty Portal Exploits Data Science

While banks and ecommerce companies have tried their hands at data science and are benefitting from their initiatives around it, real estate appears to be the next big vertical that intends to leverage data science.

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An Interview with Flipkart's Analytics Head, Ravi Vijayaraghavan

A deep understanding of statistical and machine learning concepts is an important component for a data scientist, however, a top-notch data scientist has to be comfortable with scale and have the ability to build solutions that are truly scalable in the clich

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'India Accounts for ONLY 2.5% Share of the Global Supercomputing Sites'

The country has just commenced talking of upgrading the supercomputing infrastructure from Teraflops to Petaflops while most nations are moving towards building Exaflop computers.

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Windows 10 Enterprise: Why It Makes Sense for the New Workplace

A primer on how Microsoft reimagines Windows for the new workplace including the implications of offering Windows-as-a-service for businesses and the new features that are designed to simplify IT manager's jobs.

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Indian Startup that Streamlines Customer Helpdesk Experience In 120 Countries

Krishnenjit Roy, Director of IT Operations, Freshdesk -one of the fastest growing enterprise software startups in India, shares how they managed to scale up millions of data points for thousands of businesses.

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How Cloud Helped Manipal Education Achieve Cost Advantage of 25%

With almost 70 per cent of their workloads already migrated from on-premise data centres to cloud, Manipal Education plans to add business value for the next level of services like mobile, and API gateway.

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