Dinesh Jotwani

Dinesh Jotwani has nearly twenty-five years of experience and deep understanding of policy, corporate law, technology, government relations, and investigation procedure. He has been an in-house Counsel, Partner in Law Firms and has also been an Independent Consultant to several technology companies, such as NCR Corporation, Microsoft, Symantec, and Evalueserve. He also supports several big Companies as an Employment Attorney and takes the training of Corporate Employees in Corporate Laws, HR Compliance and Intellectual Property Rights.

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The Growing Issue of Cyber Crime in the Technological Age

Cybercrime is a growing issue globally and in India. There are daily news reports of cyber crimes across India and very few are under the assumption they will remain immune to such crime. Cybercriminals use sophisticated and simple techniques to commit crimes; there is significant awareness of cybercrime and of need to create an infrastructure that protects against it.

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