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Yashvendra is Executive Editor in BW CIOWorld. He has over 15 years of experience in journalism. Starting his career in 2000 with the Press Trust of India, he has worked in organizations such as The Indian Express, IDG (International Data Group) and Business India. During the course of his career, he has covered a range of sectors, and has been instrumental in launching several brands

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Managed Document Services Help YES BANK Reduce Printing Costs by 40%

YES BANK’s IT team was spending a considerable amount of its time putting out fires until it turned to MPS.

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HDD Vs SSD: Which Gives a Better TCO?

IDC has created an industry cost-based analysis to identify the important variables impacting decisions around using SSD-based and HDD-based laptop PCs.

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Transition To Digital Poses A Challenge To FMCG Companies: CIO, Marico

Girish Rao, Head – IT and Business Analytics, Marico, shares the short term and long term challenges confronting the FMCG sector, in general, and Marico in particular. Among other things, Rao also throws light on which technologies Marico would focus on in the immediate future.

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3-5% Of CIO Budgets Shifting To CMOs: IDC

Craig Stires, Associate VP, Big Data, Analytics Software, IDC Asia Pacific, addresses this issue, and also shares his thoughts on shadow IT and Big Data and Analytics.

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Zero Inventory May Not Be The Best, Says Hans Thalbauer of SAP

In an interaction with BW CIOWorld, Hans Thalbauer, Senior VP, Extended Supply Chain, SAP, discusses the challenges, opportunities and emerging trends in the supply chain industry.

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Payment Banks Offer Huge Opportunity For CIOs: Ekhlaque Bari of Max Life Insurance

In a freewheeling discussion BW CIOWorld, Ekhlaque Bari, Executive VP, IT, Max Life Insurance Company, discusses the opportunities that await CIOs from the insurance vertical.

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This Is The Age Of Event-Based Architecture: James Walsh, CTO, GlobalLogic

James Walsh, CTO, GlobalLogic, discusses the advantages of Event-based Architecture...

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