Shubhi Tandon

The author is special correspondent at Digital Market Asia, is fascinated by the evolving digital media industry, and has focussed on tracking developments in the field in Asia Pacific.

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Teradata Day One: Cloud & AI are key for analytics

With the increasing number of connected devices, there is an increase in the amount of data collected, and while businesses realise the importance of data, most of them struggle with it.

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‘Formula One is all about managing risk effectively through IT’

Mark Gallagher, Formula One Industry Executive and Jacques Villeneuve, Formula One World Champion, IndyCar Series Champion explain what connects the high-adrenaline sport to security and data.

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Cybersecurity needs to escape ‘groundhog day’ says IBM's Global Executive Security Advisor

Speaking at the RSA Security conference, IBM’s Global Executive Security Advisor called on the cybersecurity industry to stop repeating their mistakes and remember the lessons of the past.

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Making security more about business context

RSA Security’s President Rohit Ghai emphasized in his keynote session at the company’s conference in Singapore that the need of the hour for cyber security is to look at business driven strategies.

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