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The author is a Correspondent with BW Businessworld and an editorial member of BW CIOWORLD. She has keen interest in Information Technology.

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Oracle Makes Sure To Get Your Organization Ready For The Future: Steve Cox

Steve Cox - Group Vice President, Oracle ERP And EPM Product Marketing, in an exclusive conversation with Sarabjeet Kaur, BW CIOWORLD explains how Oracle is using emerging technologies like IoT, blockchain, AI, and ML to enable software to do the jobs that humans have done before that don’t add value to organizations anymore. Excerpts:

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Web Applications Are The Most Common Breach Targets: David Holmes, Principal Threat Research Evangelist, F5 Networks

David Holmes, Principal Threat Research Evangelist, F5 Networks in conversation with Sarabjeet Kaur, BW CIOWORLD, shares details about what they have been saying for years, “for modern organizations, their data is their business, and the gateway to that data is the application, and that’s where the need for protection is the highest today”. Excerpts:

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To Transform Digitally, You Must Transform Your IT: David Webster, President, Dell EMC APJ - Enterprise Sales And Customer Operations

There is a connection between digital transformation and IT transformation. To enable a company to transform digitally, the underlying infrastructure must be transformed first

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Technology Is The Backbone Of Smart Cities: Yael Shatzky, Head of Product & Solution Marketing, Amdocs Optima & Intelligent Operations


Yael Shatzky, Head of Product and Solution Marketing, Amdocs Optima and Intelligent Operations, in an exclusive interaction with Sarabjeet Kaur, BW CIOWORLD speaks about the crucial and essential role of technology in building smarter and safer cities in India.

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Research Indicates Indian Businesses Overestimate Their Ability To Protect Consumer Data

About half of the organizations which felt that they had excellent tools and processes in place to protect the data have actually been involved in data breaches. This shows how big the gap is between their perceived ability to protect consumers’ data and the reality.

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SAP Has The Largest Cloud Footprint: Dilipkumar Khandelwal, President – SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

“SAP has the largest cloud footprint today, with more than 100 solutions and 150M subscribers across industries globally which is enabling companies to innovate new edge scenarios to allow them to continuously adapt and advance.”

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Configuration Management Is The Key To Cybersecurity: Dr. Prasanna Mulgaonkar, CEO, Cloud Raxak

“One thing that everybody who deals with cyber security should keep in mind— we have to get to a place where security is not a bolted-on feature but it is something that is designed in from the beginning. It is something that we call configuration management.”

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The Future Of Work Is Going To Be Hybrid

“The future of work is going to be hybrid and that is where the organizations can turn machines and humans into collaborative colleagues which can together generate much better results.” says Manish Bahl, Senior Director and Head, Center for the Future of Work (cFOW), Asia Pacific, Cognizant.

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CTO Rajneesh Mittal’s Approach to Digital Transformation for Zee Entertainment Enterprises

“Technology has now become such an integral part of all businesses that I don’t have to worry about driving digital transformation. There are always problematic areas which can be taken care if relevant technology is applied. I do exactly that bit by bit and it has resulted in a digitally transformed enterprise. This has been my approach to digital transformation.” says Rajneesh Mittal, CTO, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.

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Women, Go Out There And Conquer The World!

Technology platforms and forums are the right platforms for women to deliver their creativity into tech organisations.

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