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An aspiring journalist who loves to gain knowledge about technological advancements and loves to write about well being and events that people can relate to.

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EyeDrive: A smart drive

Holographic car assistance can help you have a control over your GPS and other mobile operated features with just a gesture.

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AI helps in cleaning space debris

Trash truck formation can help the orbit of Earth to get clean

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Hacking taking over IoT


Are the IoTs secure or not? The expansion of data connectivities starts to increase the concern towards IoT security and IoT privacy.

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Nanotechnology: The precision of future

How nanotechnology has made a way in advancing the future in every aspect

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Security with AI: US-Singapore partnership

Defense with the help of Artificial Intelligence will soon help to rescue people from natural disasters.

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AI’s vision to a better future

Adoption of new-gen technology will be helping in having a better future for people

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In this world full of colors, isn’t it annoying not being able to see?

BrainPort’s imagery to oral detection of signals have made out a way through technology for visually impaired people to see

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Iran’s missile control system got hacked by the US

The cyber attack was a response to Iran’s mine attack on oil fields in the US

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Virtual world: A growing reality

VR’s overuse in an unaccounted manner has started to take over people’s mind

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Global education system advances towards AI

Academia all over the world is using smart tech, virtual courses, self-assessments, online tutoring systems and video conferences to keep up with the new age of digitalization.

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