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Blockchain can be used to Record and Monitor Nationwide Health Trends: GlobalLogic

On the retail front, there will be an amalgamation of the physical and the virtual stores

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CIOs Focused on Analytics, AI and Cybersecurity: Bob Gault, Extreme Networks

The key enabler of digital transformation is an organization’s network infrastructure

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Wärtsilä undergoing a Digital Transformation: Marco Ryan

At the moment, it is speeding up the change at the accelerate phase

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Panasonic Creating Solutions based on Products and Platforms: Vijay Wadhwan

Panasonic has already started working on it and have launched signedge as a signage platform this year in infocomm

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Digitization of World - from Edge to Core: BS Teh, Seagate

Global datasphere will grow from 33 ZB in 2018 to 175 ZB by 2025

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5G Lies Squarely in India's Sweet Spot: Kumar N. Sivarajan, Tejas

The growth opportunities for India in 5G span the entire ecosystem

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HPE Edgeline Converged Edge System Solutions Simplify Management of Edge Apps

The new products begin shipping next week onward, and enable new use cases in more rugged environments

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Data Management is Where the Challenge Lies: Till Stimberg, HPE

GreenLake basically takes care of the base infrastructure of the customer

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