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Aegis Ensures Secure Access for Extension of Critical Apps Across Devices

Moving to a Citrix environment has largely benefitted Aegis in terms of business and infrastructure management

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Cognitive Automation Delivering More with Intelligence and Sophistication: Option3

Business processing now requires more computational and processing capacity with the volume of data that can continues to grow

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India’s External Storage Market Witnessing Explosion: Dell EMC

IT transformation has to include a transformation of how data is managed, and therefore, the approach to storage

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myGate Automates Entire Process of Entry/Exit of Visitors at Main Gates

It ensures the safety and security of gated enclaves by deploying BIAA (Behavioral Intelligence Augmented Authentication)

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Blockchain-based Cryptocurrency Likely for Indian Banking System: Yitsol

As a country, we need to be more aware of the cyber security threats and follow the right cyber security practices

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Sheela Foam Uses IoT for Scientific Mattress Selection: Pertish Mankotia


It has also devised a scientific method of selecting a mattress by mapping body pressure points

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Digital Transformation Positively Impacting CFO’s Job: Concur

Concur is helping businesses drive expense visibility, whereby CFOs are able to decide expense entitlement, before the travel comes into play

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