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Artificial Machines Gives 'Make In India' a Boost

Artificial Machines' HAZE is a smart product innovation platform

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Biggest Challenge in Retail Installations is Space: Axis

Each store has to be monitored during the opening hours and closing time to avoid theft or pilferage of stock

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Are ML/AI and Blockchain Technologies Changing Fintech?

AI/Bots will stop being gimmicks and actually do something useful in the coming years

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Should CIOs and CDOs Work in Silos or Interdependently?

CIOs and CDOs need to work closely with each other, to craft and deliver the new way of doing business in this digital world.

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'Blockchain Can Take Digital India to Next Level in Financial Services'

Blockchain could impact businesses as dramatically as the advent of the Internet did in the early 1990s

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CDNs Mandatory for Seamless Delivery of Content

CDNs solves the bottlenecks related to performance, security and origin capacity

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Trends Shaping Fraud Prevention Technology

In India, especially, with the after-effects of demonetisation leading to a significant increase in online transactions, this space has become a hotbed for fraudsters

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Implications of GST Bill on Electronics Manufacturing in india

GST will have a positive impact on the electronics industry and is a much more preferred regime than its preceding one

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