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Nivedhana is a journalist at BW CIO.

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“Surgical Robots have necessitated quantum jump in adoption or induction of newer technology and medical surgical practices”

How does the Indian healthcare market respond to the latest technology compared to international markets and how does technology play a vital role in healthcare today? BW CIO in conversation with GSK Velu, Founder-Chariman, Trivitron to get insights on the same.

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Simpler Technologies Will Lead To Amplified Possibilities: Altemetrik

To understand how Playground platform has helped Altimetrik achieve its business objectives, faster delivery rate, and how consumers will benefit from this move, BW CIO spoke to Suresh Nair, Chief Transformation Officer, Altimetrik.

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Polycom Reveals Collaboration Drivers Set to Transform Businesses in 2018

Polycom’s top five collaboration predictions impacting business in 2018

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Cybercriminals Successfully Using Common Exploits and “Swarm” Technology to Attack at Speed and Scale

High Rates of Botnet Reoccurrence and Automated Malware Demonstrate Importance of Intelligent and Automated Security Controls Combined with Incident-response Strategies

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"Security landscape has become even more challenging for enterprises, as there are various new end-points from where attacks can originate”

In conversation with BW CIO, Santanu Ghose, Director, India, Aruba talks to us about the current scenario of network security in India and disruptions caused by insider threats.

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Security Predictions by Service Now for 2018

As 2017 draws to a close, ServiceNow looks at a few top security trends to watch in 2018.

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“Over the next 10 years India will leapfrog many countries on the digital transformation side”

BW CIO in conversation with Raj Mruthyunjayappa, MD Campus Management Corporation (EMEA and APAC) & Talisma Corporation talks to us about the need for the digital push and their plans for the Indian market.

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"You have to unlearn old ways of functioning, learn AI and therefore transform the world through AI"

In conversation with BW CIO, V S Parthasarathy Group CFO & CIO, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited shares with us his insights about the AI transformation and how different sectors will be impacted.

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India Ranks 109th In Mobile Internet Speed and 76th For Fixed Broadband

While mobile speeds increased modestly, fixed broadband speeds increased dramatically since January 2017.

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