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Contactless Lending Would Be Powered By AI For Better Credit Decisions And Personalized Experiences: R P Singh, CEO, Nucleus Software

The pandemic has had the effect of fast-tracking many of the digital initiatives. They are focusing on three key horizons - to react immediately, adapt quickly and to lead after that. Lenders should plan on coming out of the crisis stronger, more agile and more competitive than before.

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Powering Public Health Outcomes Using Analytics

During the pandemic, SAS has been helping various government units in many countries with its analytics expertise in areas ranging from epidemiology to public health management.

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EDA Helps Companies Such As Airtel And Jio Provide, Deliver And Bill Next-generation Content And Services

Event-based business processing helps build the digital nervous system for real-time business.

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SAP Concur Ties Up With HDFC Bank And Mastercard To Prevent Fraudulent Claims

HDFC Bank’s corporate credit card, supported by Mastercard, will enable seamless integration of all business-related spend into SAP Concur, enhancing employee experience, increasing visibility, saving money, and improving corporate efficiency.

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Tech Intensity - Driven By Intelligent Cloud And Intelligent Edge

On his visit to India, Satya Nadella outlined examples of Indian organizations that jump-started growth through transformational tech intensity.

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Telecom: Bundling OTT Services Is Key To Increasing Spends, Winning New Customers, And Retaining Them

Airtel and Vodafone Idea are in a perplexing state of affairs that threaten its existence for sure; it is also a distraction on their path to growth and future investments in areas such as 5G.

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Managing Public Health In Age Of AI & Analytics: Could We Avoid Outbreak Of Viruses Like Corona?

Not yet there, but we are getting closer. Analytics, machine learning, and AI promise better public health outcomes.

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Thriving In The Data-driven, AI-led World

Organizations should continually evaluate evolving choices in IT infrastructure to support digital business

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