Devishi Sachdeva

A budding journalist having a versatile range of interests including tech, photography as well as in the Indian Defence and Foreign Affairs.

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From pre-production to post-production AI is doing a great job

AI has to be in a serene state to perform innumerable and complex content operations.

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The dark side of the web

Illegal dealing has led to the dark web’s reputation as it is despite of legal dealing going on due to legal issues.

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Technology creates worth by imitating human cognition

Cognitive technology mimics the human brain to find the solution of complex situations

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It’s the time to click smart

AI, rapidly becoming a hype in the field of photography, is making cameras smarter than they are today!

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The future of Artificial Intelligence

The world is fast evolving with Artificial Intelligence(AI) at the forefront of changing the way we live.

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Uber debuts in autonomous vehicle segment

Uber’s AI allows self-driven cars to drive for long distance

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Let IoT do the work now


Internet of Things (IoT) helps devices represent them digitally and they can be controlled from anywhere.

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3D printers creating ghost guns

3D printing has been used in almost everything from the creation of aerospace components to toys, prosthetic legs, functioning kidneys and blood vessels.

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Artificial Intelligence: A new challenge to online journalism

AI begins to grow its roots deeper into the vast field of Journalism

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TCS defeats IBM to become the country’s most valuable firm

Tata Consultancy Service has become the country’s most valuable firm in terms of market capitalization overtaking IBM and RIL.

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