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Brian Pereira is the Executive Editor of BW CIO. He has over 22 years of journalism experience and has covered business technology for the Indian Express and Times of India. He is also the former editor of CHIP and Informationweek magazines in India.

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‘We aspire to power every human decision in the enterprise’

Making the right decisions at the right time has always been an imperative for business success. Business leaders rely too much on ‘gut-feel’ and experience to make these decisions which may not lead to the right outcomes, says Srikanth Velamakanni, Co-founder, Group Chief Executive & Executive Vice-Chairman, Fractal Analytics.

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Trump Meets Technology Leaders But Misses The Point

The verdict is clear and out in the open: If US tech companies are restrained from recruiting highly skilled workers from other countries, then their companies would not be able to innovate.

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How Visual Analytics is Empowering users at Marico and Other Enterprises

Visual Analytics tools are doing what the Graphical User Interfaces did for PCs -- making it simple for everyone to use analytics. Here are some examples:

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‘IBM’s Security Differentiator is Cognitive Technologies’

The security landscape and nature of threats is far different than what it was a few years ago. The nature, extent and velocity of attacks has changed today. And with businesses moving IT infrastructure to the cloud, application security becomes even more relevant. In this context, IBM changed its whole approach towards security.

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Can OpenDXL Contain the Spread of Today’s Security Threats in the Enterprise?

A new security fabric from McAfee might be able to provide the line of defence that CIOs and CISOs need to contain the spread of ransomware and malware

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‘Data Management Should Precede Analytics’

BW CIO met Partha Iyengar, VP & Gartner Fellow to ask him about the challenges that organisations face, in BI/analytics. He talks about a three-pronged approach to get round these challenges.

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‘Safe cities are a Step Toward Smart Cities’

Safe cities projects such as Dial 100 in UP are faster to implement and are already having an impact.

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Here’s the next big thing in Maps and GPS navigation

Drivers and road warriors have become very dependent on maps and GPS. But a 3D digital map twin of the real world can accomplish far greater things and have a much bigger impact on society

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‘Great innovation must be market facing’

Here’s how CA Technologies fosters innovation at its India Technology Centre to create products for global consumption.

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When Worlds Coalesce

The outcome of the megamerger of two companies, Dell and EMC, was evident at their recent event, Dell EMC World 2017, in Las Vegas

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