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Brian Pereira is the Executive Editor of BW CIO. He has over 22 years of journalism experience and has covered business technology for the Indian Express and Times of India. He is also the former editor of CHIP and Informationweek magazines in India.

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10 questions everyone is asking about Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the world’s most valuable currency; today, it is even more valuable than gold. The rate of this cryptocurrency has been growing exponentially. There are many questions being asked about Bitcoin and its future. Sandeep Goenka, COO, Zebpay answers some of these questions.

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‘Women have a natural ability to collaborate for success’

More women are taking up technology leadership roles in organizations today. Organizations acknowledge that there are certain qualities that make women special. We asked Aruna Rao, CTO, Kotak Mahindra Bank about those special qualities. She also offers some great advice for women who aspire for career growth.

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'Blockchain becomes effective when more players are involved'

A panel discussed the state of readiness for Indian banks to use Blockchain. Some interesting use cases were also put forth by the panelists. Other topics discussed were interoperability, infrastructure, security and other type of 'Blockchains'.

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Panel: What Indian banks need to know about Blockchain today

Panelists agree that Blockchain will disrupt banking, but banks need to get a few things right. Blockchain will have a bigger impact with the inclusion of more players. Blockchain 1.0 expected here in 18 months.

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‘The delivery of content is growing at a fast rate in India’

Sajid Malhotra, CFO, Limelight Networks, tells BW CIO that the time is just right for CDN service providers to enter the Indian market. He notes that India has the fastest adoption cycles than any other market in the world. However, content service providers will have to get their business models right as India is a price sensitive market.

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'There is a huge void in the current treasury software market'

IBSFINtech a software product company established by technopreneurs, believes it has an advantage over competitors in the Treasury Management Solution market. Its founders have strong domain experience in Banking, Finance, Treasury and IT. CM Grover, Co-Founder & Executive Director, IBSFINtech tells BW CIO why he is so confident of beating even multinational brands like SAP -- and the value proposition he is offering.

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'We believe in customer-driven innovation'

Intuit is a 30 year old company with 7,900 employees and a revenue of $4.7 billion. Best known for QuickBooks financial management software for small businesses, it is one of the few software companies to have survived, as it evolves with customer expectations. It has done this by creating a culture of customer driven innovation and employee entrepreneurship. BW CIO met Atticus Tysen, SVP and CIO, Intuit on the side lines of the Nasscom India Leadership Forum last month, in Mumbai. Tysen spoke about the company’s two core competencies: Customer driven innovation & Design for delight.

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We're entering the data sharing economy, says Microsoft CTO

In the data sharing economy, different contexts of information are linked, to create a whole new set of possibilities and business opportunities

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‘Cloud telephony gives the power of communication back to companies’

Meet Shivakumar Ganesan, CEO, Exotel -- the man who is disrupting traditional telecom with cloud telephony application services. Ganesan wants to break up telecom into components and give the power of communication back to organizations

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