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Brian Pereira is the Executive Editor of BW CIO. He has over 22 years of journalism experience and has covered business technology for the Indian Express and Times of India. He is also the former editor of CHIP and Informationweek magazines in India.

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‘Our goal is to ensure that India can take a leading role in the AI revolution’

Nvidia reveals plans to provide skilling to Indian developers, for new technologies

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‘You Need a Layered Security Approach to Counter Ransomware’

There are anti-spam solutions that look at the attachment and the documents, and see if they’re malicious

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Gartner Analyst says Biggest Security Challenge Is Shortage of Skills

Brian Pereira from BW CIO World met Tom Scholtz, VP and Gartner Fellow on the side lines of the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit in Mumbai. Tom tells us how organisations around the world are coping with this challenge, by outsourcing their security to managed security service providers. Tom also talks about the new risks that digitally enabled businesses will need to check.

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‘Digital is a Fight for Survival’

In an exclusive interview with Brian Pereira of BW CIO World, Kiran Bhagwanani, CEO, Dimension Data India tells us about the consequences of not moving to digital. Kiran also gave us an insight on how his company is helping customers in their digital transformation journeys.

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Gartner Recommends CARTA Approach to Secure Digital Businesses

New security framework propounds continuous monitoring and risk assessing of business networks and ecosystem infrastructure

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‘Blockchain is Above Generic Ransomware Attacks’

Ransomware attacks and Blockchain have been in the news lately and are hot topics at industry forums. Blockchains are known to offer watertight security because they are totally different than conventional file systems. Yet Blockchain projects are still in the Proof of Concept stage and we see few production systems in India. BW CIO World spoke to Jitan S Chandanani - Blockchain Leader, Global Business Services, IBM India / South Asia to understand the extent of Blockchain adoption in India. Jitan also explains why Blockchain is so secure and beyond a ransomware attack.

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‘CSPs are Going to Reassert Themselves as Cloud Leaders’

Communication Service Providers in India are struggling with revenues, in the wake of falling voice and data rates. But with 5G looming on the horizon, they should start thinking about a new set of innovative services for businesses and consumers, that bring in new revenue opportunities. BW CIO World met Shekar Ayyar, Executive Vice President - Strategy & Corp. Dev., GM Telco Group, VMware to discuss how CSPs should be preparing for those new services.

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#vishalsikkaquits: Can a CTO be groomed into a CEO?

While the blame game is on, it is time to think about why this happened, and if Dr. Sikka really struggled to wear the CEO hat.

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India @ 70: IT Industry Wants To Collaborate With Government, Academia For Reskilling

This Independence Day, the Indian IT industry seeks independence for more open government collaboration with industry to empower the Digital India mission

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Indian Clients Like to have ROI visibility on Analytics: Accenture

BW CIO World met Saurabh Sahu, Managing Director and Lead, Accenture Analytics-India to discuss how Indian markets compare with global markets when it comes to investing in analytics. Saurabh also explained the working of an ROI tool that shows baseline benefits.

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