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Lenovo DCG seeks domination in the Indian data center market.

Backed by a trusted brand with regards to high computing and mobile mobility, Lenovo Data Center Group aims to dominate the data center market. The 2 year old startup discusses its robust plans, products and offerings in staying ahead of the curve.

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Unlocking the power of data!

Fact and figures with regards to data usage determine an explosion of data in the near future. While most claim data as the most valuable resource, the challenge is to unlock its true power to grow businesses. In 2018 alone, big data adoption grew to 59% from 17% in 2015. By the current year 75% of analytic solutions will incorporate 10 or more external data sources.

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SAP Technologies instigates new markets in Asia around experience management and enterprise software

With an experience of delivering technological solutions to over 27 industries. SAP focuses on inaugurating new market opportunities with regards to enterprise software and customer experience management.

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Netrika Consulting Brings Solutions To Corporates In Regards To Increasing Cyberattacks In India

Netrika Consulting in India’s growing digital era discusses the importance of investigators and their importance in new age businesses. One of the leading players in security and risk management shed further light on corporate security and risk consulting

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Palo Alto Networks Launches The Guide To Cyber Security Threat Management Compiled By Industry Experts Of India

While digitization faces threats from well-coordinated hackers, industry experts gather their thoughts to provide India edition of security guidelines to manage and prevent breaches during the country’s digital evolution.

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Artificial Intelligence and Cloud aim at revolutionizing cricket in India

Microsoft and Anil Kumble led startup Spektacom launch an AI-enabled power bat that can provide real time data to improve player performances and fan engagement in the cricketing world.

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Does the future of banking depend on API?

Application Program Interface gains attraction in the financial markets across the world. Countries like USA, UK, Canada, Singapore and Japan have already adopted the technology at large while India maps the potential of open banking and the tools to make it happen.

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Veritas discovers the data storage and optimization market in India

Business continuation, cloud backup and storage optimization are the rising demands from Fortune 500 companies in India as data continues to grow amidst the digital evolution. Veritas reveals how their 360 Data Management Suite is satisfying their clients under the datasphere.

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GDPR is a regulation in Europe with teeth and has benefited the entire cycle of business transactions in the continent: Richard Hogg, Global GDPR Governance Evangelist, IBM

General Data Protection and Regulation act has taken effect in all the countries belonging to the European continent. Richard Hogg, Global GDPR Governance Evangelist, IBM discusses the importance of data protection and states that businesses find more benefit with containing lesser amounts of personalized data belonging to valuabale customers.

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How Digital Makeovers and Solutions Are Working Wonders For SMEs and MSMEs

Due to robust customer management systems, SME's have been witnessing growth in their businesses. Mobilox is working towards creating cost efficient digital makeovers and solutions with their clients like BIFPL & Saregama Music Academy and helping them to attract the right target audience.

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