oneM2M’s First US-based Industry Day Will Advance IoT Solutions Development Through Collaboration

Vertical industries encouraged to attend and be part of the standards collaboration that can boost the effectiveness of companies’ IoT solutions

Technology giants and industry-renowned Internet of Things (IoT) experts came together in Memphis, as oneM2M hosts its second Industry Day to further progress the IoT and M2M industries.  

“As a oneM2M founding Partner, ATIS knows first-hand how oneM2M architecture and standards are helping a variety of vertical industries advance the effectiveness of their IoT solutions,” said ATIS president and CEO, Susan Miller. “We are proud to host the Memphis Industry Day and are actively encouraging a broad range of U.S. companies to attend; eHealth and telemedicine, industrial automation, home automation and more.”

Industry Day keynotes offered insight into the latest real-world IoT implementations using oneM2M standards and show how oneM2M ‘s work complements that of other IoT standards development organizations (SDOs). Speakers from oneM2M member organizations and SDOs were featured, including Thread, Qualcomm, HPE, iconectiv and ATIS.

oneM2M created the Industry Days to increase collaboration in the industry and demonstrate the success of oneM2M’s deployments and progress – as well as jumpstart collaboration toward new and innovative future industry deployments.

“The aim of the Industry day is to give oneM2M experts and other stakeholders and verticals in the M2M and IoT industry the chance to share information, ideas and requirements,” said Dr. Omar Elloumi, of Nokia Bell-Labs and CTO group, and Chair of oneM2M Technical Plenary.

“Through this collaboration we can further highlight how standardization can accelerate the IoT across all vertical markets. This is a really good opportunity for both members of the industry and non-members to meet, share their experiences of the oneM2M standards and hear from experts what requirements they should be meeting.”

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