eperi tackles ‘Minimising GDPR Scope and Compliance’ at Privacy & Data Protection Officers Summit 2017

Ravi Pather, SVP, eperi to talk about challenges and approaches to addressing GDPR compliance at prestigious event

eperi GmbH , a leading provider of Cloud Data Protection (CDP) solutions will be attending the Privacy & Data Protection Officers Summit  on 3-4 May 2017 at the Hilton London Olympia.  

The event brings together the finest DPO and Compliance leaders and solution innovators to consider approaches to the impending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Ravi Pather, senior vice president of eperi will present ‘Minimising GDPR Scope & Compliance’ at 14:40 on the first day of the summit.

With GDPR implementation on the horizon, knowing what practical steps to take to ensure GDPR readiness is vital to establishing a strong privacy programme. Managing consent issues, getting the most out of your PIA and effectively mapping data are just a few of the key challenges facing privacy professionals. 

The Privacy & Data Protection Officers Summit offers privacy professionals extensive insight from the brightest minds in data security, including data protection and privacy leaders from Google, Sky, Mastercard, John Lewis and the ICO.

“Extensive data breaches are occurring almost daily so the protection of sensitive corporate data is now a legal and regulatory requirement for corporate governance,” said Ravi Pather, senior VP at eperi. 

“We are already seeing GDPR being implemented along with the toughest standards on compliance and data security within the healthcare and financial services but it won’t stop there. As enterprises leverage cloud and SaaS applications, GDPR adds an additional layer of complexity and encryption has become the only secure answer to this problem.”

Pather will also discuss how data controllers are ultimately responsible for the protection of Personal Identifying Information (PII) and the role that GDPR ‘Centralisation’ and ‘Privacy by Design’ best practice concepts will play. He will teach attendees how to address such principles and remove the need for ‘data breach notification’, a key requirement for GDPR.

eperi’s software based solution encrypts critical data from a centralised point of control and ensures corporate governance so sensitive and confidential data is protected in a totally seamless and integrated manner. 

Servicing several hundred customers, eperi addresses data security, compliance and data control use cases for custom applications and leading Data Processor SaaS applications such as Office 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow among others.

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