Zicom Launches ZIMAN 24X7 Personal Safety Ecosystem

An SOS service that live tracks the physical, digital and environmental safely of an individual

Living in a highly dynamic environment, one is prone to unpredictable risks and dangers in daily life. The socio-political environment currently is not sufficiently empowered to ensure all-round safety of an individual.

Catering to this need, Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd’s latest personal safety ecosystem - Ziman, backed by Zicom’s Command and Control Centre and unique features is carefully designed to ensure immediate action should an individual feel threatened.

Ziman, an intelligent application, when downloaded on to one’s smart phone offers the user safety on the go, in the form of physical, digital as well as environmental security. A leader in the security domain, Zicom understands how important all-round security is for an individual to feel at peace. The company therefore strongly follows a preventive approach on safety. Once downloaded on one’s phone, Ziman offers the user the following five benefits:

* Personal safety
* Aadhaar safety
* Kids and senior citizens tracking
* Handset safety
* Mobile Internet safety
* Emergency map.

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Zicom ZIMAN 24X7 Personal Safety Ecosystem


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