You Can’t Be Siri-ous!

Now you can have a business coach, in your pocket - Bizversity

Recently launched app, Bizversity, is a first of its kind in the way it is offering you the chance to have your very own business mentor and adviser in your pocket. Armed with the knowledge supplied from over 250 leading business and industry experts,

Bizversity offers users a Siri-inspired, A.I. feature named BRiN that is not only accessible 24/7, but also contains supplementary, on-demand training videos that guides individuals through a step by step approach in tackling everyday business operation.

Bizversity’s voice control feature enables a multi-functionary platform that is capable of delivering a personalised and tailor-made learning program, in addition to ensuring its users stay up to date and informed surrounding current business knowledge and practice. It also human-like support without overwhelming the learning experience and encourages individuals into delving in a variety of different business-related topics in their own time, at their own pace.

Bizversity founder and best-selling author of 16 books, Dale Beaumont, states: “We set out to build a product where business owners didn't need to travel, attend events, undertake irrelevant postgraduate study or who couldn’t afford a business coach. We wanted to create a platform that took into consideration all these limitations, while also delivering on something that has never really been done before. That’s when we created Bizversity”.

“Within minutes of using the app, you will be learning how to market and generate more sales, improve cash flow and profits as well as enhancing productivity under the guidance of Bizversity’s A.I. virtual coach. It uses an integrative approach towards traditional learning and modern technology”.

Bizversity has a 14-day free trial with videos accessible to anyone, on-demand, via their smartphone app. Monthly plans start from only US$9 per month.

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