Worldcore Payment Institution Announces ICO

Worldcore CEO envisions exponential development for the European Payment Institution as the platform nears ICO phase

The renowned European payment institution, Worldcore announced the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), as part of its wider expansion plans. The company envisions to become a worldwide reference for the financial tomorrow, by integrating its successful payment solution into the blockchain sector of the economy. The platform's native WRC token will become the pass to a new world.

Worldcore ICO starts on October 14, 2017. In total, a maximum supply of one billion WRC tokens at USD 0.10 each, will be available for purchase by participating investors. WRC tokens will be backed by a Smart Contract guaranteeing annual revenue share from a well-established, rapidly growing business which has already passed the breakeven point.

Since its launch, Worldcore's potential and accompanying popularity has been recognized across many Fintech events in the European Union as an active participant and sponsor. The company won the "Best Fintech Newcomer" Banking Award by Business News Europe in 2016. The same year, the company partnered with BitPay and is now offering cryptocurrency withdrawal solutions to thousands of customers around the world.

Worldcore has also become a National Finalist in the Central European Startup Awards 2017. Already a successful company, Worldcore is always on the quest to find new ways to improve.

Driven by its mission to revolutionize the fintech industry, the digital institution will gradually integrate Blockchain products to its established portfolio. Such products will include a regulated blockchain powered P2P lending platform, a Blockchain based cash transfer payment platform for easy and instant conversion of cryptocurrencies into cash and vice-versa, Worldcore TV and transformation into a Swiss bank with further IPO on London Stock Exchange.

Traditional banking services are still offered today, showing impressive lack of technological innovation. Customers dealing with traditional banks still have to visit the bank to open an account, and they face monthly maintenance fees. And even by offering complex banking products, they do not cater to everyone's need, nor do they provide solutions for the new digital era, such as cryptocurrency conversion and biometrics authentication.

By opening the international marketplace to consumers and businesses that are not served by legacy banking and seeking cost-effective, progressive financial products, Worldcore brings together technology, capital, and financing acumen to become the new name of the financial tomorrow.


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