Will CIOs in India Find A Greater Say in Organizational Strategy?

A few CIOs in India are already participating in shaping corporate strategy. It is just a matter of time before this number turns into a huge majority.

The question of whether CIOs in India will make their presence felt in shaping enterprise strategy or not has been asked since long. With the growing strategic and operational importance of technology, CIOs in other developed and mature markets are already participating in firming up business strategies. But the percentage of such CIOs in India is still minuscule. Will this situation change in the near-term future? The answer is yes, albeit with certain riders. Let us first examine the drivers for this change, and then discuss what is holding a CIO back for coming to the fore. The foremost driver for putting the CIO under the spotlight in an enterprise is the dawning of the sense that technology can be a business differentiator. Gone are the days when an enterprise technology head was relegated to the back office, and all he was asked to do was to maintain the IT infrastructure. The success of e-commerce companies has proven that technology can propel any business forward. The CIOs in India are increasingly being looked at by the top management to add to the company


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