Why No-Code Will Drive Digital Success in 2021?

Digital transformation can only be achieved by fully embracing disruptors and using them to revolutionize business processes and in that regard, the time of no-code is here and now.

Riding the wave from 2020, no-code is going to soar to new heights in 2021 by being a crucial feature of any organization’s digital success journey.

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No-code emerged to be a clear winner in 2020, being touted as the next big digital disruptor. The boom came on the back of the COVID-19, urging organizations to dive head-first into digital transformation to survive the consequences of the pandemic. The best part about no-code disruption is that, unlike other disruptors, it does not set out to end some existing market. It simply aims at reducing the burden on IT departments and professional developers and empowering business users to create their own solutions without having to write a single line of code. This disruption is aimed at upgrading and improving processes, and helping organizations become more productive and successful than ever before. 

The demands of the software development space are going to be even more intense in 2021, as more and more organizations start adopting a hybrid workplace model permanently. With a large number of employees working in a remote manner, there will be quite a few paradigms shifts that traditional software development won’t be able to handle. According to Gartner, no-code low-code app development will be responsible for more than 65% of software development by 2024.

No-code will not only become mainstream because of its enormous potential and the visible benefits it brings to businesses, but also due to another important factor. No-code platforms align perfectly with other digital transformation trends that are expected to define the space in 2021. It ticks several boxes in this regard, and we list down a few below:

2021 Digital Trends Empowered by No-Code

Enabling Business Automation

If there is one thing changing market demands clamor for, it is business automation. Aligning Business Process Management with modern application development allows organizations to depart from traditional processes that hamper the effectiveness and digital success, and instead go towards digital empowerment. Business automation leads to streamlining of processes, effective workflows, and elimination of the disadvantages associated with manual processes. 

While a majority of organizations have achieved some level of business automation, there is a long way to go still. No-code is an excellent enabler of business automation, as it allows for the creation of custom applications without a single line of code. Through visual no-code tools and easy-to-use features, business automation has been made easier than ever. Organizations of all sizes and types have been able to automate their workflows with the help of no-code tools, instead of resorting to expensive and inflexible enterprise apps that may not even be the most ideal solution.

Leveraging the Power of Cloud

From giving preference to cloud-based systems before, the world post-pandemic will have cloud as the only way forward. Giants like Google and Amazon have been investing heavily in enhancing cloud technology, and with good reason. Forrester has forecasted that the global public cloud infrastructure market will be valued at around $120 billion, registering a growth of 35% in 2021. 

No-code platforms, with their provision of support for both on-premises and cloud, allowing organizations to easily migrate to the cloud. These platforms can prove to be extremely important when it comes to building business solutions or creating complex apps. They also open gates of innovation and technology, allowing companies to leverage on the cloud to gain maximum productivity, security, and digital success.

Fostering A Culture of Innovation

While we talk about digital transformation and digital success, we need to realize that they are not just checklists to sign off or tools to be adopted, or processes to be done. While some of it is doing that, there is a crucial need to build a mindset that is digital-first. Digital leaders need to shift not just their processes, but the thinking of their entire organization in a way that is flexible and risk-taking when it comes to digital innovation. 

No-code tools encourage the growth of citizen developers, i.e., employees who create applications themselves (after some training) via no-code tools instead of relying on their respective IT departments. Once employees have the tools to build their own solutions and be independent with the help of no-code platforms, their thinking shifts significantly. This eventually leads to a digital snowball effect throughout the organization, making the mindset future-ready and technologically innovative. 

Ensuring Digital Success in Trying Times

Barring a few exceptions, most businesses were hit some way or the other due to the pandemic. While we thought we could leave the impact of the pandemic in 2020, the situation seems only marginally better as we step into 2021. Therefore, it is imperative that companies continue to cut costs and drastically increase effectiveness if they want to cope up with the obstacles that the pandemic has caused. 

Solutions like no-code tools ensure that this temporary setback has no effect on a company’s vision to attain digital success. On the contrary, no-code allows organizations to cut costs that they otherwise would have spent into paying professional developers to create their applications. No-code also saves time and significantly increases productivity, making it an important tool to adopt at a time when effective use of resources is the topmost priority for every organization. 


As we take baby steps towards normalcy and adjust to a post-pandemic world, it is important to carry the lessons we learned from the pandemic with us. 2020 was nothing but a digital tipping point, amplifying the importance of digital tools like no-code. Any sound leadership will be able to identify the merits and potential of no-code as we step into 2021, leveraging it to achieve pioneering digital success. Digital transformation can only be achieved by fully embracing disruptors and using them to revolutionize business processes and in that regard, the time of no-code is here and now.

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