Why Digital Ad Spending May Surpass TV Spends in India

Manish Vij, Founder - SVG Media, talks about digital advertising market in India and how they serve its customers with their digital platforms across mobile, video, and social media marketing.

Worldwide, advertising dollars are moving to digital at a growing pace and India is no exception. A recent PwC report said that Internet advertising will overtake broadcast TV advertising in the U.S. in the next year, and called out that the “digital sector is leading the growth trajectory” for advertising spends in India. Earlier this year, media agency Group M forecasted that digital advertising will account for 12.7% of all ad spending (Rs.57,486 crore) in 2016, growing at a whopping 47.5% over the previous year. Can digital advertising outwit television advertising? Digital advertising in India is already growing at a ferocious pace, outpacing all other forms of advertising, we have still only scratched the surface in terms of broadband penetration. If India can find a way to get more people on broadband or more affordable / faster wireless internet digital advertising will correspondingly grow even faster and should be in parallel to TV ad spends. How do you bring value to brands (your customers) including companies like Flipkart, Snapdeal, and Amazon? SVG Media is India’s largest digital media platforms with four separate businesses covering the entire spectrum of digital advertising; mobile advertising, data-targeted and retargeting advertising; video ads, affiliate marketing and social media marketing. By virtue of our size and scale of operations, we play an important role in India’s Internet ecosystem and are a key enabler of the Internet shopping revolution. As an example, SVG Media’s solutions in performance advertising including video and display ads, retargeting, social and affiliate marketing help all major e-commerce platforms attract customers and grow their sales. How do you help digital media publishers monetize their content? Can you share any specific case study? Some of India’s leading digital publishers global and Indian mobile app publishers choose SVG Media to monetize their mobile web and apps effectively. We work very closely with our publisher partners and work with them to create monetization strategies that maximize revenues, without compromising on user experience. How do you leverage data and analytics to connect advertisers with audience? SVG Media has data on smartphone usage of over 60 million users in India, making us the largest and most valuable source of insights into the behavior and actions of India’s smartphone users. We run sophisticated analytics on this data to serve the most relevant ads to users. As a result, advertisers see a vastly improved ad performance, because their ads are being shown to people most likely to take action. The consumers benefits in the same way – they only see ads for products they are likely to be interested in.

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