When Homes and Buildings Become Smart

The smart homes and buildings market segment is ready for take-off

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The smart homes and buildings market segment is ready for take-off. “We are currently at the very beginning of the smart homes and buildings adoption curve,” asserts Dr Eric Mounier, Senior Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement (Yole).

As part of the famous global IoT world, this sector is showing a lot of promise, with impressive market figures.

Sensors and related modules are critical elements for the development of smart homes and buildings for better energy management and safety, as they will collect data. Yole has identified three main areas that sensors will contribute to: comfort, energy control and security.

According to Yole’s estimations, the sensor market for smart homes and buildings will be worth US$1.73 billion by 2022. In parallel, sensor diffusion will allow the sale of subscriptions and services, forecast to be a US$11 billion market in 2022.

Sensor innovation for smart home applications will also contribute to the growth of voice-activated personal assistants. For example, in 2016, Amazon had already shipped 4 million Alexa systems, including 1 million just in December 2016.

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