WhatMatrix launches Industry’s first Blockchain for Business Comparison

Enterprise-focused review of the most prominent protocols in the blockchain space


WhatMatrix, the independent technology comparison and analysis site, announced the release of a blockchain-platform comparison.

The new category analyzes and ranks major available blockchain platforms, enabling visitors to identify the most appropriate solution for their use case; featuring Ethereum, Hyperledger Sawtooth, IBM Blockchain, R3 Corda, Ripple and Tron. The comparison is available immediately.

The category provides an enterprise-focused technical review of the most prominent protocols and their implementations in the blockchain space. The analysis covers technical details including security models and consensus, business applications, support, implementation challenges, and total cost of ownership.

The comparison’s unique depth of information is an industry first in its unbiased review process. It allows business leaders to get familiar with this disruptive technology, without being sold on a particular solution. Site visitors will be given the opportunity to learn firsthand the major technical performance metrics to evaluate this brand-new technology, with the opportunities to customize product recommendations for specific business use cases.

Michael Gord and Jeff Holek from MLG Blockchain are the category lead consultants on this new WhatMatrix category. Michael also sits on the board of directors of the Bitcoin and Blockchain Alliance of Canada.

“We're excited to collaborate with MLG Blockchain consulting on this new category. The experience that both Michael and Jeff bring to the community is unparalleled in the industry and will attract major interest from enterprise clients looking to implement blockchain technologies,” said Ruben Spruijt, WhatMatrix Community Board Member, CTO and field CTO at Frame.

“Providing this new comparison is further testament to the continuing success of the WhatMatrix platform. We are regularly approached by consultants and vendors alike asking us to include their emerging technologies in our comparisons.”

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