We Provide White-labeled Flash Storage Products Through Our Manufacturing Facilities: BIWIN

Manufacturers of flash storage devices joined hands with Acer’s to Offer Acer-branded memory and personal storage products. In an interview with BW CIO, Rajesh Khurana, Country Manager, Consumer Business for BIWIN - India, talks about the company's partnership with Acer, competition and more

Explain the partnership between BIWIN and Acer.
BIWIN has inked an agreement with Acer to bring Acer-branded memory and personal SSD storage products to customers across India. The product offerings will take advantage of BIWIN’s manufacturing capabilities and Acer’s global recognition to provide the latest memory and storage solutions for both professional and home users. This unique collaboration, coupled with the strength and network of leading distribution enterprise Fortune marketing, would make it an exciting proposition for Indian consumers. We will be working along with Fortune to leverage its wide network of sub-distributors, resellers, retailers, and e-commerce partners to widen our ambit.

What types of products do you provide to your clients?
We have a diverse product portfolio in the market, ranging from SSDs to holistic memory modules. We focus on providing customers with competitive and high-quality hardware and software storage solutions. Apart from SSDs, our product range includes embedded storage chips, memory cards, memory modules, in addition to which we further offer customization services as per specific needs.

Are you trying any specific technologies to be a market leader in the industry?
We are proficient in DRAM and flash storage field with in-house IC packaging capability worldwide. And we will continue in the same for our Indian customers as well. All our SSDs support S.M.A.R.T and GC & TRIM features which maintains maximum performance of your system and LDPC ECC technology to ensure data integrity. We also partnered with all the original vendors in the flash and Dram segments. In addition, we provide white-labeled flash storage products through our world-class manufacturing facilities.    

Our M.2 SSD consumes less power and maximizes the battery life of laptop or other portable devices. Our RE100 M.2 SSD max consumption is at 2.22Watt and FA100 nVME 1.4 M.2 SSD is with average operating power consumption at only 3.3W with modern standby and dynamic power management technology. Our RE100 and FA100 models are M.2 “single sided” SSDs which will easily fit into most of the laptops and desktops.

How big is the market of chip and Personal Storage Products?
The emergence of IoT applications and devices, digitalization of our day-to-day life needs, and sudden exponential demand propelled by remote working in computing devices, coupled with a huge consumer base, is making the market for chips and personal storage grow very fast in India. 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced by humans every day. At home and office, the average download speed for broadband and wi-fi will almost double, while the speed of average mobile connections will triple.  Globally, the average Internet user will generate 57.0 Gigabytes of Internet traffic per month in 2021 (up 139% from five years ago, and reaching a spectacular CAGR of 19%).

What is your marketing strategy to compete with others?

Our marketing strategy has evolved repeatedly in sync with the trends driving the market. As a matter of fact, marketing is a work in progress, which needs to be re-strategized time and again.

At initial time, our major focus will be on the “PUSH” part of the marketing activity, i.e., to facilitate and train our Channel Partners. On the “PULL” part, we will be more focus on digital marketing this year.

How much investment have you put into the manufacturing plant?
We have multiple plants outside of India. We are not manufacturing in India and most of our manufacturing is done outside of India.

What is on the roadmap for BIWIN moving forward?
As of now, we are bringing Acer branded storage products to the Indian market through the country’s leading distributor Fortune Marketing. We plan to work with Fortune to leverage its wide network of sub-distributors, resellers, retailers & e-commerce partners.

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