Virtuosys Launches Edge Application Platform Making Edge Computing a Commercial Reality

Transport agnostic Mesh networking and edge-based application platform allows companies to unlock power of MEC-based apps without mobile operator involvement

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Virtuosys has unveiled its Edge Application Platform, which dramatically changes the economics and efficiency of delivering mobile/multi-access edge computing (MEC). Requiring no support or involvement from a mobile operator, the end-to-end hardware and software solution can be rapidly installed, delivering a low-latency, self-healing Mesh network that can securely run multiple applications simultaneously.

This brings innovative and exciting applications to a range of markets including Smart Transport, Connected Retail, Financial Services and other sectors including industrial Internet of Things (IoT). The company will be demonstrating a range of vertical market applications running on the platform at Mobile World Congress 2018, in Hall 8.0 booth F31.

The wireless industry is increasingly accepting the limitations of the current model for cloud services, and turning its attention instead to the benefits offered by shifting processing and storage to the network edge – providing the ability to operate stand-alone networks when connections to the internet cannot be guaranteed or high performance and low latency is essential.

At the same time, edge devices are becoming increasingly sophisticated with the rise of the IoT, leading to the generation of huge amounts of real-world data. This requires cost effective edge processing to avoid consuming increasing amounts of bandwidth that will ultimately overload networks. Furthermore, cloud services are poorly suited to distributed environments like those seen in smart transit or vehicles.

In addition to a local edge Mesh network, which continues operating even when not connected to the internet, Virtuosys’ Edge Application platform offers a transport agnostic network that works over any wireless or wired protocol. The platform allows management of services at the edge with a white label app store, whilst an open development architecture allows developers to deploy apps specific to their own needs in the cloud, at the edge, or a combination of both. The distributed compute platform, meanwhile, increases the coverage and compute power each time an Edge Server is added to the Mesh.

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