Virtual world: A growing reality

VR’s overuse in an unaccounted manner has started to take over people’s mind

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Many people probably won’t have a trip to space and experience what is it like to float around rather than walking. The reality is changing its meaning from real world to virtual world. How does it work? It generates an artificial environment with the help of computer and stimulates the real world. Virtual Reality (VR) is developing with the help of modern technology and soon it is going to capture all the spheres like architecture, gaming, medical, aviation and many more. Still scientists and tech experts are developing and looking forward to explore more with this latest technology. 

Virtual Reality is a 3D interactive computing experience that helps a person to feel, experience and interact with the things that he has never experienced before. It makes the person use three of these five senses with the use of eye gear, gloves, and earphones. It feels like the person is existing in two places, his body is experiencing things both physically and mentally. 

The existence of VR has been amongst us for quite a while now but recently its overuse in an unaccounted manner has started to take over people’s mind. In the world of gaming, VR is expanding and creating more VR games which have the ability to take over someone’s mind. VR games convert the real world things into artificial world. For example, a usual pencil could change in a sword or there could be imaginary stones and other objects appearing in the game which are not present in the real world. While playing these types of games one needs to be aware of where he is, what’s around him and his mind needs to pay attention to spectate the occurrences in future because anything can happen in a game. 

VR technology is only getting stronger day by day. Due to advancements in technology, a player’s brain can get confused with the reality and the virtual world that his brain can start believing that the virtual world is indeed a reality.

Keeping this in mind, a Korean drama was made in December 2018, called The memories of Alhambra. This drama was about the discovery of a pair of smart lenses which was a fictional Augmented Gaming (AG) device. The series shows how the real world transforms into a world of the game. Any adventure or incident taken place in the virtual world affects the real world.

The series shows that the protagonist gets so hooked to the smart pair of lenses that he gets logged in the game even when not wearing them. Every time he enters the game, the risk of death revolved around his life. The game took over his mind and he started to get injuries moving on to the next levels in the game. This escalated to a person dying in real life who he supposedly shot in the virtual game. This suggests the dangers associated with VR gaming if not played under supervision or in a confined area.


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