VARTA Storage Launches Its Energy Storage Products in Australia

Energy storage solutions with "Made in Germany" quality available across Australian market

VARTA Storage GmbH has entered the Australian market, bringing its quality "Made in Germany" energy storage solutions to the fifth continent. Customers will be able to buy and install VARTA Storage's lineup of VARTA pulse solutions across the country.

The VARTA pulse is a starter all-in-one package, which is easy to install and of a compact size. The devices combine a high energy density and is available in two sizes, i.e. with 3.3 kWh and 6.5 kWh. The energy storage solution is extremely reliable, robust, and fulfills all safety regulations.

Through plug-and-play, the wall-mounted energy storage is instantly ready-to-use with only 30 minutes needed for installation and can be combined with all renewable energy sources. Hence, it can be used to power the heating as well as all electrical household appliances, giving VARTA pulse owners the freedom to use their self-generated energy whenever and wherever they need it.

"We are happy to be bringing our pulse energy storage solutions to the Australian market, enabling homes to not only generate their own energy, but also store it and then use it whenever they need," said Gordon Clements, GM, VARTA Storage. "The VARTA pulse portfolio is versatile, robust, and extremely reliable. Consumers receive an easy-to-install solution when deciding for a VARTA pulse devices."


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