Trifacta Featured as Data Wrangling Solution

It is for the Leidos collaborative advanced analytics and data sharing platform

Trifacta , the global leader in data wrangling, announced that Leidos, a FORTUNE 500 science and technology company, has chosen Trifacta as the data wrangling solution for the Leidos collaborative advanced analytics and data sharing (CAADS).

Leidos leverages Trifacta within CAADS to enable government agencies to wrangle biomedical data for more effective analysis within healthcare and life sciences.

“The CAADS platform provides an end-to-end solution for predictive analytics in healthcare,” said Ravi Hubbly, VP of data analytics products and services, Leidos. “With Trifacta, the collaboration provides intelligent and interactive self-service data preparation to our customers that has accelerated their overall time to analysis, and uncovered new opportunities for CAADS.”

Leidos provides innovative solutions to meet the challenges that today’s federal agencies face. Leidos recognized that data wrangling was a critical aspect of the analytics process for its customers and selected Trifacta as the data wrangling solution within its CAADS platform. Trifacta and Leidos collaborate to provide data wrangling and analytics solutions to a growing number of government agencies, including the U.S. Mint, NASA and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) among others.

“It’s becoming increasingly apparent that data wrangling solutions are a foundational component of a modern analytics platform. Within the Leidos CAADS platform, Trifacta provides a powerful way for data analysts to wrangle diverse health and business data with clicks instead of code,” said Adam Wilson, CEO, Trifacta.

“As we’ll discuss in our presentation at Strata, this joint solution we’re bringing to market with Leidos is delivering new breakthroughs in how federal agencies like the Centers of Disease Control are able to utilize information to serve the public interest.”

Trifacta and Leidos will be highlighting their collaborative solution at the Strata Data Conference in New York. The joint presentation with the CDC will showcase how the organization leverages Trifacta within CAADS to monitor the outbreak of HIV as it relates to the opioid epidemic occurring across the country.


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