Trends Important to Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning furnishes computers with the ability to learn, without being explicitly programmed

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Quantzig, a global analytics solutions provider, has announced the completion of their latest article on the technology trends that are important to artificial intelligence.

The continuous expansion and evolution of artificial intelligence over the past few years is prompting a large number of recognized companies as well as startups to commercialize this technology. Many popular sci-fi movies and TV serials have considered artificial intelligence as their backbone. It is expected that the investment in artificial intelligence will skyrocket up to 300% in the coming years.

According to the artificial intelligence experts at Quantzig, “Machine learning furnishes computers with the ability to learn, without being explicitly programmed.”

Trends for AI
Biometrics: Biometric sensors can recognize a person by detecting their unique physical or behavioral traits using computerized techniques. It is one of the most widely adopted technologies across the globe. For this technology, fingerprints and face or eye ‘maps’ are the critical identification features. Some of the typical applications of this technology are building access and laptop security for identifying IDs and passports.

Natural language processing: The communication method for artificial intelligence is natural language processing, which utilizes natural language such as English to communicate with intelligent systems. This technology has devised statistical and machine learning techniques to easily understand sentence structure and meaning, sentiment, and intent.

Machine learning: This is one of the most popular technology trends at present that provides computers with the skill to learn, without being clearly programmed. By providing algorithms, APIs, development and training toolkits, and data machine learning facilitates artificial intelligence.

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