This Is How Much You Can Save by Right-Sizing Your Data Center

With companies looking at datacenters to store and manage data, they also have to balance rising energy and operational costs as well as space limitations.

In September 2015, Microsoft announced that it will be investing to create local data centers across Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu while, Amazon made a commitment to opening up cloud data centers in India in 2016. Undoubtedly the movement towards cloud and the rise of numerous content-guzzling applications with a rapidly rising demand for storage space have contributed to the rapid growth of the datacenter segment in India. The exponential rise in the numbers of data-hungry customers, the optimism around cloud and the inclusion of big data, has majority of CIOs and CTOs always looking for new places where massive amounts of data can be stored and utilized with efficiency and security. Echoing global trends, the Indian data center market is buoyed by the positive sentiments in the economy and the strong resurgence of growth-related projects across verticals such as banking, insurance, telecom and undoubtedly the focus of the Indian government on digitization. Gartner predicts that the Indian data center infrastructure market, comprising of server, storage and networking equipment, will see a 5.4 % increase to $2.03 billion in 2015.


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