Thingstream Launches IoT Starter Kit

To simplify global IoT connectivity without the need for the Internet

Internet of Things

IIoT connectivity provider Thingstream has launched its own IoT Starter Kit, enabling device manufacturers to rapidly develop globally connected devices and accelerate IoT projects.

Leveraging GSM connectivity without reliance on cellular data or SMS, the Thingstream Starter Kit will allow a device to connect to almost any GSM network, worldwide; and communicate with applications via MQTT messaging.

The Starter Kit is comprised of both hardware and software, including:

* The Thingstream IoT Module, boasting GSM/GPS connectivity out of the box, ARM Cortex-M0+ core, 128/256 KB program flash memory, 32 KB SRAM, SPI, I2C, UART, PWM, 16bit ADC, real time clock and 15 GPIOs

* A companion baseboard to allow developers to easily use the 15 GPIOs

* The Thingstream Global IoT SIM

* Three months of full access to the global network and connectivity software tools including a sophisticated data flow Stream Editor.

“We want to make IoT connectivity simple and address both commercial and technical challenges,” explains Neil Hamilton, VP of Business Development at Thingstream. “Traditionally, building a connected device that communicates remotely has been a costly process. Any connected hardware has had to support TCP/IP in order to communicate, taking up power and space, while making the data vulnerable to security threats.”

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