The future of Artificial Intelligence

The world is fast evolving with Artificial Intelligence(AI) at the forefront of changing the way we live.

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence has been a prediction for decades by our ancestors. It was earlier associated with robots only but now, with the advancements in technology, AI is not only associated with robots but even with services of industries such as entertainment, healthcare, education and more.

AI is growing rapidly, from SIRI to self-driven cars

AI's programming often gets tuned to act like humans but much more can be achieved through this technology which a human body cannot do. AI robots can show human behaviour, can do multi-tasking, translate one language to another, and can bring you a bowl of cereals from the kitchen.

Nowadays, there are a lot of people talking about the future of Artificial Intelligence and its impact in the near future. AI is and will be capable of conquering many sectors of the country. Interestingly, there are many new sectors into which AI is spreading its horizons. Some of which are:

  • Comedy: Robots are learning puns! They show human-like behaviour who will soon be having a good sense of humour.
    • Genetics: CRISPR, a gene-editing technology is a collaboration between a computer scientist and biologist. The future of AI and gene technology will include genetic screening tool for new-born babies.
      • Security: Many people are trying to make robots for tight security, be it for banks, schools or border. There are certain areas wherein we need tight security to have peace around us and reduce the number of theft and other criminal attempts around us.

There are certain predictions that have been made on the future of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, and what they will be able to do in the near future:

  • Increase security
    • Help in dealing with public social issues
      • Empower businesses
        • Improve healthcare
          • Inspire artists

Although different regions experience a different type of AI advancement, the uses of AI in organisations, government, security frameworks, energy and natural resource management is rising. 

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