The dark side of the web

Illegal dealing has led to the dark web’s reputation as it is despite of legal dealing going on due to legal issues.

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Just like the universe, internet is vast while the dark web is even more colossal. Whatever is being navigated on internet by people is a tiny corner of the internet. There are few dark websites which are in the shadier region of the internet.

Dark web, also known as the darknet or deep web loom, is a term that specifically refers to those websites which exist on the encrypted network but they cannot be seen by using traditional search engines. All these type of web networks hide their identity by using The Onion Router (TOR).

TOR has an ability to hide one’s identity or activity, just like using VPNs. One can use TOR to trick his location so it appears that the person is somewhere else to where he is originally located.

Anybody can visit Dark Web but it is really difficult to work out who is behind the websites. If a person gets caught making an illegal transaction or selling illegal items and his identity gets revealed then the punishment can be dangerous.

TOR is not only used for hiding illegal deeds, but it is also used to keep some things private due to privacy issues. In such cases, information can be transferred through an encrypted peer to peer network connection.

TOR’s ability to hide and maintain secrecy of the user has led to the dark web’s reputation for illegal activities. Dark web has become an online market for selling illegal material. Many internet specialists recommend internet users to implement some of the practices which will help them to stay away from online mis-happenings like Identity theft, transaction fraud and hacking.

  • Be aware of the environment: Until and unless one is sure about the website whether it can be trusted or not, never get involved in web interactions. As we are not aware of the person who is behind the particular dark website.
    • Protect your privacy: One should be aware of the fact that if a person is using a particular site, it should be trusted in respect of your privacy. If
      • the site seems to be a dark site, hide your identity, from your real name to your email address or passwords.
        • Hide your bank details: Keep your bank details personal, never let any website to save your details online, as the consequences may become hard to handle. While making an online transaction make sure your details are hidden and is in your reach only or one can use prepaid single use cards for making any online transaction.
          • Never download dark files: while you are downloading any file from the internet or specifically from the dark net, make sure that you scan it with the anti-virus software before opening it. Do not click on any advertisement or link that seems to be suspicious as those links may include illegal activities.


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