The advent of technology in the voice-over industry

In this era of the millennials, technology is driving (almost) everything and the voice-over industry is also not shying away.

Brijesh Yadav, from the rural end of Uttar Pradesh, moved to Delhi last year to live his passion of becoming a voice-over artist. Brijesh is inspired by the renowned actor, singer, lyricist, scriptwriter, and music director Piyush Mishra and has been learning from his voice-over pieces for the last many years. Being nervous in the first auditions for the VO artist, Brijesh recorded a bit shaky byte but got selected. Technology made it happen! Editor edited his voice recording using advanced voice editing tools and software to make it clear and effective and that changed his whole life. 

The new age of technology has changed the lives of many other aspirants like Brijesh. Voice-over is an extremely versatile and effective industry that makes a lasting impression on the listeners with those punchy and dramatic nuances. Listeners may sometime confuse advert narration by VO artists with robotic voices as technology has added such baritone texture to the human voice. 

Here is how technology is enhancing the gifted voice of voice-over artists:

Automation of voice over task

Voice over contributes to all the multimedia industries like TV, Advertisement, Radio, Films, and the Internet. Good narration and dubbing rules the hearts of the listeners and makes them retain respective products and services while driving business sales and profit. Advanced voice enhancement software augments the voice quality and curbs down the repetitive task recording with automation.

Automation in voice-over breaks the monotony of tasks by automating it with specific baseline human recordings. Most of the emerging businesses are using customer-friendly interfaces with artificial intelligence enabled voices for their apps and websites. Voice over automation is significantly catering to the needs of customers for improvised customer experience.

Technology is enhancing voice quality

Voice recording was a demanding task earlier as the artist had to compensate for each fumble, unwanted sound, and inappropriate pause by re-recording the voice. With the advent of technology, voice recordings can be filtered, precisely edited and refined before they reach the listeners. Special effects and filtration augment the voice texture and clarity to impart the message effectively. This is how artists with not so perfectvoices are also going great in the industry. Remember Brijesh Yadav!

Re-shaping the voice-over process

Businesses that have recognized the magnitude of pitching an irreplaceable image pursue to acquire the exceptional services of brilliant voice-over artists. This pitch in parallel has increased the demand for voice-over artists in the industry. Technology is cluttering the chaos of hiring talented voice-over artists on the ground with web portals where voice over artists can upload their voice recordings. Clients get sufficient time to listen and analyze recordings to pick the best suitable voice for their project. Businesses can customize their search based on preferred language, age, gender, and genre.

Many organizations, agencies and voice-over consultants use this medium to onboard the talent in lesser time and efforts. Artists get the opportunity to showcase their voice talent online to the world.Theydirectly get selected from these portals and start earning sitting at their places.

Bridging the gap between artists and clients

Technology helps in eliminating middlemen between the clients and the artists, thereby creating an ecosystem that is more efficient, more competitiveand more transparent. Websites and apps where voices over artists are registered are easily accessible to the businesses. Clients get multiple voice samples to review and select the best one that fits their project. Moreover, such portals allow clients to instantly share feedback on the work.

The diversity of businesses and artists creates an authentic and extremely-competitive environment which furthers helps in high quality and effective outcomes. 


Technology is playing an exceptional role in refining the voice over quality with highly advanced editing tools. It is bridging the gap between client and artist by bringing them both on a common platform, thus, eliminating the middle-men. Cost and time-effective methods of voice recordings and automation have further contributed to a progressive evolution of the voice over industry.

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