The Rise of AI: New Research Points to a Promising Future for Indian Workers

Hiring AI-skilled talent is a priority for over nine in ten employers in India but 79% struggle to find the AI talent they need, highlighting a looming AI skills gap in the country

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AI revolution

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of, has unveiled research shedding light on the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in the Indian workforce. According to the study, workers equipped with AI skills could witness salary increments exceeding 54 per cent, with particularly substantial rises in the IT (65 per cent) and research and development (62 per cent) sectors.

Conducted by Access Partnership on behalf of AWS, the study titled “Accelerating AI Skills: Preparing the Asia-Pacific Workforce for Jobs of the Future” surveyed over 1,600 workers and 500 employers across India. The findings underscore a resounding enthusiasm for AI skills acquisition, as 97 per cent of Indian workers anticipate a positive impact on their career trajectories, citing enhanced job efficiency and increased opportunities for advancement.

Moreover, the research showed a generational trend, with 95 per cent of Gen Z, 96 per cent of Millennials, 93 per cent of Gen X, and even 90 per cent of baby boomers expressing a keen interest in developing AI competencies. This widespread eagerness underscores a universal recognition of AI's pivotal role in shaping the future of work.

The study also reveals AI's impact on organisational productivity, with employers anticipating a 68 per cent surge. This boost is credited to AI's prowess in automating tasks (71 per cent), fostering skill acquisition (68 per cent), and refining workflow efficiency (64 per cent), signalling AI's role in fostering innovation and growth across India's evolving workforce.

“Generative AI offers an unprecedented opportunity to transform businesses across India, and this research shows that AI skills are imperative for the future workforce. From financial services to construction and retail, industries are embracing AI at a rapid pace, which is why an AI-skilled workforce is essential to unleashing a culture of innovation and driving productivity in India, aligning with the government of India’s IndiaAI Mission,” said Amit Mehta, Head of AWS Training and Certification, AWS India Private Limited.

Addressing India's AI skills gap emerges as a critical imperative. The research underscores the urgency, with 96 per cent of employers prioritising hiring AI-skilled talent, yet 79 per cent struggle to find suitable candidates. Additionally, there's a pressing need for AI workforce training programs, as 91 per cent of employers lack awareness, while 86 per cent of workers seek clarity on relevant AI career paths.

The speed of AI transformation is widely happening in India. Almost all employers (99 per cent) envision their companies becoming AI-driven organisations by 2028. While most employers (97 per cent) believe their finance department will be the biggest beneficiary, they also foresee IT (96 per cent), research and development (96 per cent), sales and marketing (96 per cent), business operations (95 per cent), human resources (94 per cent), and legal (92 per cent) departments driving significant value from AI too.

“The AI wave is sweeping across the Asia-Pacific region, including India, transforming the way businesses operate and the way we work. Our research shows that society as a whole will benefit from an increased productivity boost, which will translate into higher salaries for skilled workers in India,” said Abhineet Kaul, Director at Access Partnership.



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