Thales: India Leads with Cloud Adoption for Sensitive Information

Mega breaches and cyber-attacks have increased companies’ urgency to improve their security posture


Thales, leader in in critical information systems, cybersecurity and data security, announced the launch of the India edition of 2017 Global Encryption Trends Study.

The report reveals that organizations are increasingly adopting encryption to address compliance requirements and the escalating need to protect sensitive information from both internal and external threats and accidental disclosure.

This year’s findings also align with key trends demonstrating an increased reliance on the cloud. Seventy per cent of organisations in India transfer sensitive or confidential information to the cloud – whether encrypted or not – a rate that is highest of all the countries in the survey (global average: 53 percent).

Organisations are increasingly adopting encryption to protect sensitive information, but with more use of encryption comes additional requirements to manage keys, something that organisations in India found more painful to manage than any other country. In addition, 95 percent of the organisations in India valued scalability for encryption solutions, which was much higher than any other country (global average 29 percent).

“As organisations embark on their digital transformation and embrace the cloud it is imperative that their most sensitive data remains secure and protected. This study is part of a global initiative by Thales to educate leaders from the private and public sectors on the privacy and data protection practices companies can follow today,"  said Emmanuel de Roquefeuil, country director India, Thales.

“This study is a call to action for organisations in India to strengthen their security position with strong data security and encryption plans in order to secure sensitive data and adhere to risk and compliance best practices and regulations. Thales is a strong player in the Indian public sector banks and most private sector banks, securing their information with its Hardware Security Module (HSMs).

"It is estimated that over 90 percent of the card transactions in India are secured by Thales payment HSMs," added James Cook, sales director South Asia, Thales e-Security.

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