Technology creates worth by imitating human cognition

Cognitive technology mimics the human brain to find the solution of complex situations

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Did you ever think that technology would mimic humans through varied means such as natural language processing, pattern interpretation, and data mining? Well, cognitive technology has indeed made this possible. Cognitive technology will soon be overtaking human actions. Human interaction with technology in the coming years will bring a drastic change which will have a great impact on everybody.

Cognitive technology is a part of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a computerized model which mimics the human brain to find solutions in complex situations where the answers seem uncertain to humans. It involves real-time analysis of the environment which will help people to solve problems. 

Cognitive computing has been a buzzword in the field of technology. Being a part of the broader field of Artificial Intelligence, cognitive technology is slightly different from it. Artificial Intelligence uses an algorithm and implements it to solve the problems whereas cognitive technology works beyond this. It mimics human cognition, analyses the scenario and suggests humans take relevant actions based on its understanding. Its main aim is to assist humans in quick and effective decision making. 

Since AI is being used in many companies to some extent which assists humans in deciding what to buy or watch next. On the other hand, even cognitive technology is also being used in some companies.

Some of the industries which use cognitive technology are:

  • Finance: Cognitive technology helps finance firms to analyze the market, its demand, supply and problems in a specific way for its clients to suggest some valuable advice for its clients. 
    • Healthcare: Cognitive technology helps healthcare firms to analyze the past medical record of the patient and gives the medical suggestions to the patient and it also interacts with doctors and discusses the treatment.
      • Tourism: Cognitive Technology with the help of applications tell its clients about the availability of information regarding flights, hotels, and other stuff, which can save the time and money of the consumer 
        • Fitness: Cognitive technology can also help personal trainers and individuals to source suggestions from wearable devices to health-related applications for getting suggestions about their diet, exercise, and meditation. 

As technology in today’s world is consistently innovating with a faster pace, industries across the globe are waking up to this specific technology and implementing it in their organizations as well. 


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