Tanla Launches 'Wisely' Communication Platform In Collaboration With Microsoft

Wisely is a communication platform which offers enterprises and suppliers with a global edge-to-edge network.

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In a span of just a few months of the pandemic, the rate at which digitalization was adopted, accelerated by five years. This rapid rate of technological transformation, from brick and mortar stores to e-commerce stores, has created a need for the enterprises to communicate with their customers and hear back from them. Hence, increasing the adoption of communication platforms or CPaaS.

Globally, a trillion messages are sent by businesses to their customers every single month. And according to Gartner’s report, 90% of enterprises will be adopting CPaaS by 2023. But this also brings with it inherent challenges. Business communication involves a circuitous communication chain, originating at the enterprise, followed by an aggregator, the telco, and finally the end customer.

The Chief Marketing Officer of Tanla Platforms, Balaji Kesavaraj said, “With so many people involved in the journey of a message, the biggest pain point to the end-customer is data security and privacy, like all communications, today that go as an SMS are unencrypted.”

Explaining the shortcoming of the present means of communication, email and SMS,   the ex-principal advisor of TRAI, Sunil Bajpai said, “Although the internet, at large, does not read your emails and the telecom companies do not read your SMS, it still travels in plain text. This leads to a big opportunity to do end-to-end encryption for SMS, just like other things on the internet.”

With the billions of messages exchanged between customers and enterprises, on multiple channels, instances like data breaches, middle-man attacks, unauthorised profiling, and phishing, compromise data security and data privacy. To curb these clear and present dangers in the domain of enterprise communication, Chief Executive Officer of Tanla Platforms, Uday Reddy launched Tanla’s new global platform, Wisely, in partnership with Microsoft.

Wisely is a communication platform which offers enterprises and suppliers with a global edge-to-edge network. Delivering private, secure, and trusted experiences; Wisely keeps your data personal. This platform uses open source technologies, coupled with Azure-hosted blockchain.

Creating an ecosystem of trust and empowering supplier and service providers, Wisely enables businesses with increased business predictability and sustainability. This does not only result in enhanced customer experience but also improves the Return On Investment (ROI).

Anant Maheshwari, President of Microsoft India, talks about Wisely and how the technology industry does not respect tradition, but innovation. He believes that to achieve technological intensity, while adoption and the capabilities of the technology are essential, they do not work with trust. He said, “Information Privacy and Security are the most critical priorities when it comes to businesses communicating with their customers. Every organisation today has to earn and sustain the trust of its customers and partners, and trust is the crux of this platform.”  

Early adopters of Wisely; HDFC Bank and Freecharge, shared their experience with this innovative business communication platform. Ravi Santhanam, the Chief Marketing Officer of HDFC Bank, wished Tanla good luck for Wisely and said, “The key factors we look for, when looking for a partner for messaging platform, are data security, privacy encryption, traceability of the messages, scalability and redundancy of these platforms. Transparent billing and no reconciliation issues, and the ability to understand, using advanced analytics, to make sense of what we are communicating with our customers are also must”.

Thanking Tanla for Wisely, Rameshwar Gupta, Chief Technology Officer of Freecharge, added, “Since we are a financial service, data protection is key for us. Hence, we adopted this product very early. It provides us with end-to-end encryption and helping us to protect consumer data and integration. Wisely also connects us via one API, removing any hassle of understanding multiple API.”


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