TCS Customer Analytics Software Taps IoT Data for Connected Customer Experiences

Consumers now routinely interact with companies through smart home appliances

Photo Credit : Reuters,

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has introduced Connected Intelligence Platform (CIP) analytics software that helps companies deliver breakthrough customer experiences driven by insights from the physical and digital worlds and interactions with other brands.

Organizations in all industries are anxious to find new ways to deliver experiences that reach the hearts and minds of today’s connected consumer. Across generations, people expect rewarding experiences from every organization they encounter -- in person, online and increasingly through curated experiences involving multiple brands. They expect their favorite brands to immediately understand and respond to their unique needs at precisely the right moment, regardless of circumstances.

Fueling expectations, consumers now routinely interact with companies through smart home appliances. Each time they have a better customer experience it pressures firms in all sectors to deliver more. With experience marketing driving social media engagement that can make or break corporate fortunes, customer experience has become the new competitive battlefield.

TCS’ CIP helps companies succeed in this environment by delivering deeply personal, memorable and timely customer experiences. CIP connects diverse real-time sources of data from the Internet of Things, customer records, physical stores and branches, and unstructured data, forming it into Connected Consumer Intelligence for designing immersive customer experiences.


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