TCS Collaborates with Red Hat to Build Next-Gen Solutions for Digital Transformation

TCS to develop microservices-based solutions and frameworks

Tata Consultancy Services has extended its collaboration with Red Hat to build microservices-based open source solutions and frameworks that will accelerate customers’ digital transformation journeys.

The collaboration aims to develop industry-specific as well as cross-industry horizontal solutions and frameworks leveraging the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, machine learning algorithms, natural language processing engines, and other Red Hat specific products and technologies. These solutions will help customers accelerate their shift away from legacy monolithic systems, towards more agile, cloud native, containerized applications based on open source technologies, in hybrid environments.

To be built by TCS’ Global Business Solutions Labs in Cincinnati, the solutions address all four pillars of TCS’ Business 4.0™ thought leadership framework – intelligent, agile, automated, and on the cloud. The TCS Red Hat solutions will help customers create value by enabling superior end-user experience through data driven intelligence and mass personalization, securing them against cyber-risks and gaining agility through an automated DevOps model. These include:

Customer Insight: 360-degree Customer View is one of TCS’ first big data solutions architected on OpenShift, allowing organizations to correlate and analyze data at every stop of the customer's journey. This enables a systematic understanding of the customer's sentiments, thereby reducing customer attrition and increasing business revenue.

Customer Experience: TCS’ Cognitive Contact Center is an intelligent, highly responsive and contextual solution with advisory support, empowering enterprises to deliver superior end-user experiences. The solution will support issue escalation using natural, human-like conversation – ensuring ease and simplicity for the end user.

Cybersecurity: TCS’ Security Data Lake will help enterprises create predictive models for threat intelligence and anomaly detection so they can better understand potential risks and secure themselves against advanced persistent threats and other sophisticated attacks on the network security infrastructure.

DevOps: TCS’ Secure by Design DevSecOps solutions will help enterprises improve speed to market by allowing them to seamlessly transition from traditional release management to an end-to-end automated DevOps model. Businesses remain more secure while ensuring greater agility, collaboration and standardization across the environment.

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