Start-ups galore at NetApp Excellerator Program

They will demonstrate their products on June 28 before the investors

Last week, there was a session with the start-ups of the NetApp Excellerator Program at NetApp Bangalore Campus in Bangalore.

Ajeya Motaganahalli, senior director, Engineering Programs and leader of NetApp Excellerator, NetApp India, said: "We received 450 application in 2018. Earlier, we received 250+ applications in 2017. Out of 450, 21 startups were selected to pitch. We had boot camps with 11. We shortened this down to six start-ups. June 28 is the demo day where these startups will demonstrate before the investors. There is no IP contamination. We are also opening the applications for the third batch of cohorts on June 28."

The start-ups and their wares.

Anlyz: Next-gen security product with granularity and visibility of enterprise threat landscape using machine/deep learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to address enterprise cybersecurity needs.

ArchSaber: Automates the diagnosis and prediction of issues occurring in a large and complex IT stack, offering real-time monitoring and alerting of all core and non-core infra components and advanced data science techniques to detect and fix these issues.

Blobcity: Analytics marketplace that allows companies to distribute their analytic products on its platform. BlobCity has a multimodal database and provides deep analytics.

DataKen: It is focused on providing deep learning-driven business process automation, predictive network management, customer insights and micro-segmentation, augmenting AI/ ML.

Nanobi Analytics: Interactive and visual full-stack end-to-end analytics platform that offers services for everything an organization needs to prepare, analyze and visualize complex data, while also eliminating the need to use a multitude of technologies.

SigTuple: Works on the digitization of pathological slide images and running cloud-based image processing for diagnosis in pathology labs.

Also, Adya and Scaland Technologies, startups from the first batch, talked about their business.

Adya's Deepak Balakrishna, co-founder, and one of the startups from the first batch, said: "We help enterprises manage and protect SaaS apps. There is a SaaS explosion. There are many ways data can get exposed, eg. Gooogle Calendar. There may be exposed calendars, publicly-shared documents, and unauthorized third-party apps, etc.

"We connect all critical SaaS apps from a single application. The problem is also with management and cloud app management. We shipped our first version in April 2018. We have four customers, and eight trials are going on."

Scalend Technologies, CEO, Ravi Madhira, noted: "We have a business challenge -- e-commerce purchase journey challenges. For all digital marketing efforts made by the e-commerce merchants, the overall conversion rate is very low."

Merchant challenges include:
* Understanding digital spend effectiveness; SEO/SEM/campaign dashboard
* Increase conversions
* Payment gateway performance
* Sales analytics.

Madhira added: "We provide Scalend Commerce Insights. It is based on Big Data, a multitenant SaaS application." Scalend is focusing on the mid-sized market. It has 14 customers trialing the product.


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