Security with AI: US-Singapore partnership

Defense with the help of Artificial Intelligence will soon help to rescue people from natural disasters.

Two countries, the US and Singapore partnered for an Artificial Intelligence alliance on 27th June for the field of defense. Also they have tried to focus on humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. The collaboration also has increased the cooperation between both countries in the field of security.

The defense centers of both the United States and Singapore announced at the multi-day conference that they are developing AI applications so that they could rescue people and also deal with recovering people from earthquakes and other natural disasters. 

The meetings were held between Singapore’s Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen with Pentagon officials. There were more people included such as the Assistant Secretary of Air Force, the Director of Defense Advanced Research Project Agency and the Director of Defense Technology Security Administration.

The event aimed at strengthening the use of AI capabilities to enhance its use in defense, supporting humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations (HR/DR) since Asia-Pacific is prone to natural disasters. 

In 2015, the agreement between US and Singapore covered the fields of humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, cybersecurity, and biosecurity. Now, a new cooperation defense agreement (Enhanced DCA) has been set up.

The US and Singapore have viewed each other as important strategic and security partners. The US is the key supplier of defense technology and also provides military training for Singapore. 

The advancement in both the county’s’ relationship has been evolved more in recent years. The collaboration of both the defense departments, Pentagon’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) and Singapore’s Defense Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) at the multi-day exchange has started to invent many new AI applications for natural disasters. 

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