Security is Biggest Concern when it Comes to IIoT

Most organisations are looking at a 10 to 25 percent growth in the number of their connected devices

According to the 2018 SANS Industrial IoT Security Survey Report, security is the biggest worry when it comes to the Industrial Internet of Things. This comes after it was found that most organisations globally are looking at a 10 to 25 percent growth in the number of their connected devices.

Dean Ferrando, systems engineer manager at Tripwire, said: "The expansion of connected devices and technology comes with risk. The development and deployment of an Industrial Internet of Things brings safety to the top of that risk assessment. This is partly down to IoT manufacturers shipping devices with little or no security, so it is critical for product developers to thoroughly examine the technology in the devices and guarantee that security is being programmed at the software stage to remove any flaws.

"When connected devices can make material changes in the physical world, life and safety become especially relevant to cybersecurity. This is why security within critical infrastructure must be addressed at the highest level.

"Thankfully, as new devices and issues arise, there is an abundance of defence mechanisms and technologies to choose from. If industrial organisations are to avoid being hit by a cyber attack, implementing a security hygiene strategy that incorporates educating the workforce alongside investing in the right technology needs to be in place."

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